PDS students visit Irene K. Studio

Ms Wintgens is, once again, in awe of how Irene K. and the international cast of the company‘s latest production („Adonde“) welcomed our 5th and 6th grade students, opening up about their professional choices, their own personal backgrounds and what it means to be part of a creative process.

We were allowed in on rehearsals and our students contributed to creating images and concepts of what „Adonde“ could mean to them…
How do YOU feel, inside and out, when you are asked to make a decision?
When did YOU ever make „that“ choice, making you leave things, people, lives behind?
Have YOU ever had to say goodbye?
Is it in your breathing, or the loss of your sense of direction?
Who is with you, and for how long?

Students will be wondering. Some will be „getting it“. Others won‘t.

Don‘t you just LOVE teaching?

(Adonde will be performed on 15th November, at Kulturzentrum Alter Schlachthof, Eupen)


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